Rhythm Intensive
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3 days 2 nights

Midwest rhythm summit



The Midwest Rhythm Summit is geared toward rhythm enthusiasts from all walks of life – from high school and college students to professional musicians and gear heads!

This summit is an education-oriented experience focusing on bass and drums that will bring vendors, students and artists together for three days. Nationally recognized artists will present master classes, clinics and live product demos!



  • Chuck Rainey

  • John Anthony Martinez

  • Thomas Lang

  • Dom Famularo

  • Frank Bello (Anthrax)

  • Dave Ellefson (Megadeth)

  • …and many more!


1 Day to 1 Semester - In Person or online

Improv Accelerator

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The Improv Accelerator™ is for any player wanting to work intently on improvisation specifics including vocabulary, understanding chord changes, and developing a stronger sense of style as a musician.


Topics covered INCLUDE

  • Confidence & Acceptance

  • Attention & Memory

  • Playing In Space

  • Playing From Emotion/Character


In-person and Online

CoachinG & Mentoring



Work with students to improve their effectiveness in performance, helping them discover solutions to common musical dilemmas.



  • Weekly or Monthly One-on-One Sessions

  • Goal Setting

  • Artistic & Personal Development

  • Portfolio & Electronic Press Kit Guidance