ORDER: The Tune of Success: Unmask Your Genius


ORDER: The Tune of Success: Unmask Your Genius

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A Musician’s Guide to a Glorious Career

Stay inspired, informed and empowered as Chuck and John bring you tools, tips and strategies for unmasking your genius. This book focuses on emerging trends and the necessary skill set to perform successfully in the ever-changing music industry. In this book, you’ll discover real life lessons and applications that will benefit your career.


This book is chock full of helpful insights to navigate the massive tectonic shifts taking place in today's rapidly evolving music industry landscape providing dispatches from the field from successful professionals of all stripes who continue to fight the good fight.

William DuVall – Lead vocalist and co-guitarist, Alice In Chains

Like its title, The Tune of Success puts artists in tune with real deal tips and advice on how to be proactive in the way that an artist needs to be in order to not just succeed but to survive in the climate of today’s music business.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner – Grammy award-winning musician, actor, director, producer and poet. 

The Tune of Success is an incredibly fascinating book by Chuck Rainey and John Anthony Martinez. It goes beyond becoming a more effective musician in the new wide open landscape of the music industry. It’s more a self-help book to help anyone navigate and overcome obstacles—ones they themselves create or encounter. I recommend the power-packed insight and knowledge in Tune of Success to anyone willing to discover your own truth to help you unlock the doors you experience along this unique journey as a musician.

Merlin David – Publisher, M Music & Musicians Magazine 

The Tune of Success is a very needed guide for you to map out your path to a prosperous musical business. Chuck and John clearly explain the areas of focus with helpful direction to every aspect of the music industry! I highly suggest to read this and apply what their experience inspires!

Dom Famularo – Drumming's Global Ambassador

The Tune Of Success is the most relevant and practical insight into the music business I have ever read.  It offers clear and organic concepts that are eloquently laid out.  Bravo guys!

Boo Massey – Guitarist, Miranda Lambert

A refreshingly honest assessment of the music business and the skills necessary to succeed in it!  This book is chock full of relevant and uplifting advice from successful musicians and others who inspire and motivate!  Finally, entrepreneur musicians have their own masterfully written guide......the best I've read.

John Toney – Attorney at law and bassist

The music industry is rapidly evolving at an exponential rate. With tens of thousands of songs being released each week, it can seem almost impossible to be seen or heard in a sea of music. Don't lose hope! If you're armed with the right tools, knowledge, and most importantly the correct mindset you can succeed. The Tune of Success - Unmask Your Genius is a book that will help you navigate towards your destiny and can save you from years of frustration. You can't afford not to read it!

Ben Dragon – Dance/Electronic recording artist

A must-read guide for anyone immersed in the world of music. No matter how experienced you are, there's always something to learn when it comes from the best. 

 Cristian Larrosa – CEO, Viel Music Iberia

Chuck and John are great musicians who care about the future of the profession. The lessons discussed in this book are sure to inspire the new and experienced musician. Thanks Chuck and John!

David Small, Attorney - Law Office of David Small (Entertainment & Business Matters) 

Musicians and the ever-evolving music business...it has never been a perfect marriage. But The Tune of Success truly is the must visit/must read marriage consultant to bring peace into the sometimes very noisy household. Kudos to Chuck and John for their matchmaking talents!

Michael Schack – Drummer/Producer, Belgium


Each artist follows their own path and requires their own internal drive and motivation, but inexperience and lack of perspective can become fatal flaws to an otherwise potential-filled career. Chuck and John have the deep, rich experiences and insight which only come to those who have paid their dues and navigated the seas to success. Through The Tune of Success, Chuck and John provide the benefits of this experience and insight to the reader, with the hope that – armed with these invaluable tools – today’s and tomorrow’s musicians can express their gifts in an effective, team-based manner and achieve long-lasting success.

Tom Bowlus – Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine



I wanted to write and tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, The Tune of Success; if the music industry was a cake, this would be the cookbook!

Johnny Counterfit - Voice Impressionist-Comedian-Author-Actor at JC Productions


John Anthony Martinez and Chuck Rainey wrote this book for musicians that want fast and focused info on how to be successful in the music business! Check it out!

Rich Redmond - Drummer, Producer, Songwriter, Speaker, & Author