Thank you for your interest in having Rhythm Intensive® at your upcoming event.  We are dedicated to connecting, elevating, motivating, and inspiring students, musicians, and business professionals through arrange of products and services.  What makes us unique?  Over 85 years of combined experience and success in the music industry. Our mission is to empower every local musician and music-maker.  The skills developed in this program are crucial for musicians, producers, promoters and just about anyone else involved in music or business.     

Calling all drummers, guitar players, bass players, and keyboard players who are interested in studying the role of the rhythm section in popular contemporary music to join us at our clinics, masterclasses, and camps.


John is a versatile, creative, and solid drummer, best known for Pop, Country, and Progressive Rock, with a history of Latin, fusion, and electronic music.  This clinic includes in-depth studies of various styles: Rock, Jazz, R&B, Latin, Motown, Blues and Shuffles.  Percussion ensemble, Latin ensemble, and rhythm section workshops are also available.  Clinic attendees will learn the differences between cross-rhythms & polyrhythms, common time & odd time, half time & double time; they will also receive tips on snare technique and playing a click track.  If you want to learn more about grooves, fills, improvisation, rudiments, independence, and playing with brushes...this is simply a clinic you won’t want to miss!  


Chuck Rainey literally wrote the book on contemporary electric bass playing.  Over the course of his decades-long career, he was tagged as the hardest working bass player in America.  His bass playing on successful TV shows, motion pictures and recordings document his well-known and legendary style, feel and concept.  Don’t miss this chance to hear about Chuck’s many career highlights and current gigs, while learning from a genuine master of the instrument.  


Previous speaking engagements: Oxford University (UK), Berklee College of Music (MA), Bass Player Live (LA), University of Indiana, Bassacre, The Collective School of Music (NYC), NAMM, Townview Magnet High School (Dallas), MediaTech Institute (Dallas), SIR (Nashville), Swing House (LA),  International Conservatory of Performing Arts (Plano), Paul Quinn College (Dallas), The Academy of Contemporary Music (London), Dallas City Hall, The Asian-American Chamber of Commerce Dallas, International Leadership of Texas, University of Texas Arlington, GM Financial, Singapore Polytechnic, and more...

Our faculty includes Grammy Award winners, college professors, and legendary artists. You won’t find a more passionate and inspiring band of music educators anywhere. 


The Industry Landscape| Feeling Stuck In A Rut| Overcoming Obstacles| Unmask Your Genius| Taking Stock Of Yourself| Building Your Personal Brand| Handle Your Business| The Mighty Ego| Innovation & Creativity| Artist Teamwork| The Fog Of The Business| Dynamic, Filter & Delay Effects| Gig Etiquette| Keys & Intervals| Improvisation & Spontaneity| Pitches, Scales, Modes, & Chords 


  • How to generate additional sources of income
  • How to completely differentiate yourself from your competition
  • How to get tons of FREE publicity in print, radio & TV


Clinic Fees are based on the type of services provided and we can work together to address your specific needs. If you would like to book your private event, please fill out the form below. 

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