Rhythm Section Camp: Rhythm Intensive is proud to share with you sessions taught by legendary bass player Chuck Rainey, world-renowned performer John Anthony Martinez, and esteemed special guest artists.  They will share their experience and expertise.  The schedule will include:

  • Daily master class rotations
  • Musicians' roles in rhythm sections
  • Instructor performances 
  • Morning & evening panels with highly skilled artists

Areas of Concentration:

  • Fingering Technique & Rhythm Studies
  • Developing Bass Lines
  • Time & Groove
  • Small Group Performance
  • Musicianship & Ego
  • Ear Training
  • Finding Your Musical Voice
  • Improvisation
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Philosophy
  • Genres

This program is designed for aspiring young artists, college students, serious amateurs, or professional bassists, drummers, guitarists, and keyboard players.

Master Class/Workshop/Clinic: The Rhythm Intensive team will bring its unique style and energy to the program. They will have  participants tapping into their individual creative potential in their master classes, workshops, and clinics. This program provides individuals with: Chuck and John’s overview on how to work as a versatile rhythm section player, an understanding of rhythm, a sense of gig etiquette, an agenda for goal-setting, transferable skills, tips for building your personal brand, and much more. Chuck and John will also be presenting a music industry overview followed by Q & A.


One of the most profound experiences I have had at a workshop.  I learned that you have to wear many hats to be a successful drummer or an artist.  Absolutely love it!” ~ Jasper Cooper
Excellent!  Chuck and John did an excellent job talking about how ego can get in the way of playing successfully.” ~ John Maleck
I learned a lot from Chuck and John.  I learned so much about playing in an ensemble setting.  It’s more about playing as a group and how we need to listen together.” ~ Tony Westmoore
John was incredible, inspiring and energetic!  I like it when he said, “God made me funky.  When I play the drum, I feel His pleasure.” ~ Akira Tomo
The masterclasses were very informative, learned a lot about auditions from Chuck. Not only do I need to go in early, I should be prepared, and if I don’t get the gig, I will need to get over not being chosen.”  ~ Robert Gadsonie



What about breakfast and lunch?

  • Daily continental breakfast provided.
  • Lunch available for an additional fee. It's a cash only option unless you would like to stop by the restaurant to charge your credit card.  Sign-up sheet at the studio before the class start time to take your order and have the food ready by lunch time.

What’s the daily schedule of the camp?

Daily camp schedule with 1 hour lunch break.  

Friday & Saturday:  9:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am – 5:30pm


In between, there are 3 master class rotations per day, small group, concert, and morning & evening panels.


I’m coming from out of town – where can I stay?

There are many options for affordable hotels for our students from out of town.  Click HERE for hotel information.


What will I be learning at this camp?

Fingering Technique & Rhythm Studies * Developing Basslines * Time and Groove * Small Group Performance *Musicianship and Ego *Ear Training * Finding Your Musical Voice * Improvisation * Creative Thinking * Philosophy * Genres


Where is the camp being held?

Rhythm Intensive Bass Camp 2015 is in Nashville and Los Angeles.


NASHVILLE: August 14 – 16

Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR)

1101 Cherry Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203| Phone (615) 255 – 4500



LOS ANGELES: August 21 – 23           

Swing House Rehearsal & Recording

7175 Willoughby Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046| Phone (323) 850 - 4990



How far is the airport from camp?

BNA, Nashville International Airport: 1 Terminal Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

The distance is 7.81 miles from BNA to SIR Studio (Studio Instrumental Rentals).


LAX Airport: 1 World Way, LA, CA 90045

The distance is 23.34 miles from LAX Airport to Swing House Rehearsal. 


Burbank Bob Hope Airport: 2627 N. Hollywood Way – Burbank, CA 91505

The distance is 10.27 miles from Burbank Bob Hope Airport to Swing House Rehearsal.